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Bouncescope — Bouncescope simulates the physics of 2-dimensional elastic collisions.

Harmometer — Harmometer is a free program for measuring the harmonics of tones. Harmometer can be used to analyze the tone of instruments, voice, etc.

Fransys — Fransys is a free program for measuring the frequency response of audio equipment using the computer's sound card. Both amplitude and phase are measured as the frequency of the sine wave sweep varies. Fransys can be used to measure the frequency response of amplifiers, headphones, speakers, filters, electronic circuits, etc.


Ceiling Fan Speed Switch Repair — This document explains some ideas for replacing ceiling fan speed switches. The general concept is explained, along with specific information for the Hunter type G model 25656. The document aims to provide an explanation for the development of this solution that should be helpful in figuring out how to fix most other ceiling fan switch or capacitor problems.

Elastic Collisions Using Vectors instead of Trigonometry — This page explains how to use vectors to solve 2-D elastic collision problems without complicated trigonometry. These formulas are used in the Bouncescope program.

Cello Tone Analysis — This page examines the tone and frequency response of the cello.


Fix for Power-on Problem in Toshiba 486 Laptops — Here is a description of how to fix a common problem with old (early 90's) Toshiba laptops. The problem is that a few seconds after power-on the laptop will shut itself off. Laptops may display blinking lights. Laptops with a status LCD may display a P30 or P31 error.

Making an 8500TVX Motherboard Run a Pentium 200/233 MMX or Cyrix MII — Here's an article I wrote a few years ago about modifying the old Socket 7 Biostar 8500TVX.

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